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Repairs and maintenance

We aim to keep your home in good repair and provide a prompt and efficient service.

Our maintenance and repair responsibilities
We are responsible for maintaining the structure and exterior of your home, any fixtures and fittings that we have provided (including plumbing and heating), common areas and shared facilities.

How to report repairs
Routine repairs should be reported to your scheme manager at the earliest opportunity when they are on duty.

Emergency repairs during office hours should be reported to the scheme manager, their buddy manager (who is another employee covering the scheme) or the sheltered housing team on 0845 402 3702, and to the emergency call centre (Lifeline) at other times.

Please report only genuine emergency repairs through the emergency call centre as the cost of works treated as an emergency is generally higher than non-emergency works and these costs are passed onto residents through the service charge.

How long will my repair take to be fixed?
We prioritise repairs in order to deal with them efficiently and make sure that the most urgent repairs are dealt with first.

Leaflet about response times to repairs (PDF, 39kb)

Who will fix my repair?
We have contracts with a number of specialist firms who are able to fix your repairs and help maintain our properties. For example, we have electricians, plumbers, general builders and lift specialists. We periodically review our contracts to make sure we receive an excellent service and are getting value for money.

Giving your feedback about repairs
After any repairs to your property have been fixed, we will send you a short questionnaire so you can tell us how satisfied you are with the service from our contractor. This is important to us because we want to make sure you get the best possible service and your feedback will help us to make any improvements.