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Useful websites

There are many websites which give information and advice to older people, helping you to find services and support if you need them. Here are a few useful sites:

East Sussex Community Information Service
This is a link to the older people's section where you can find information about a number of topics, including clubs and services.

East Sussex Seniors Associations
There is a strong connection of older people's forums across the county. Why not become a member (it's free) and keep updated with information relevant to you.

East Sussex Libraries
Most towns in the county have a library. As well as being able to get books, here you will be able to use a computer for free, join reading groups and also participate in computer lessons.

Local Age UK
Age UK has local partners across Sussex who offer services such as information, advice and advocacy services, day centres and lunch club,  home help and 'handyperson' schemes, and IT and other training.