Apprenticeships and work experience

Apprenticeships and work experience

What is an apprenticeship?  

An apprenticeship gives the opportunity for people to train on the job, gaining some hands on experience while studying for a qualification. Our friendly team go the extra mile to welcome new members of staff and we have a variety of roles suitable for an apprentice.

How can Sussex Housing & Care support those who wish to take part in an apprenticeship?

Sussex Housing & Care will fully fund your apprenticeship, and provide you with paid work experience and additional study leave. We will also support you by having regular one to one meetings with your line manager. 

We have apprenticeship opportunities for both new and existing staff. For further details on the opportunities available, or an informal chat please contact the HR team on 01323 875240 choosing option 4.

Can I come for work experience?

We work closely with local colleges to support students in gaining practical work experience. For example, visiting our care homes as part of a T Level qualification or Health and Social care course. Students visiting our care homes will be supported to undertake a variety of activities, for example; supporting residents with refreshments and mealtimes, helping deliver activity sessions, shadowing care assistants, and spending time interacting with residents.

If you are interested in work experience in our care homes, housing service or support services please contact our HR team on 01323 875240 choosing option 4.

College students enjoy work experience at Saxonwood care home

College students enjoy work experience at Saxonwood care home

Kaysie and Robyn from Bexhill College are currently enjoying work experience at Saxonwood care home in Battle, to get practical experience whilst studying a two year T Level qualification in Health.

Both 17 and both wanting to be midwives, the experience at Saxonwood is giving them an excellent start to their career in health services. They visit Saxonwood together every Friday and spend time with residents, delivering refreshments, supporting activities and mealtimes. Here’s what they had to say…

“Since November we’ve both been visiting Saxonwood to get experience of caring for older people and what it’s like to work in a care home. We’ve learnt a lot since coming here, especially how to treat everyone fairly, and to talk clearly and respectfully to those living with dementia or who are hard of hearing. We hadn’t really experienced communicating with people living with dementia before coming here.

We’ve chatted to the residents about their amazing experiences including someone who was a pilot and also what working life was like during world war 2. Our work experience here is a great place to start our medical career and everyone is friendly and they’re giving us good instructions and keeping us busy!

We hope to continue our visits and will be here weekly for June next year, so we’ll get to know everyone really well!”

If you’re interested in having work experience in our care homes in Haywards Heath, Battle or Crowborough please contact our HR team who will be happy to share our opportunities with you. Contact them on or phone 01323 875240 choosing option 4.

We look forward to hearing from you.