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Making dining experience at Saxonwood inclusive, enjoyable and memorable

At Saxonwood, Battle we believe that meals are a time to socialise and get together, whilst enjoying delicious, nutritious food with great company.

As we get older, eating well and keeping our fluids topped up becomes even more important in ensuring we stay healthy and happy. The experience of dining also plays a key part in helping our residents to maintain quality of life. Our residents are in charge of choosing their meals, drinks, and devising our menu so all suggestions and comments are always welcome to ensure they get the best and enjoy something every day.

Lisa is very passionate about her position as chef manager and relishes her role where she can make somebody’s day, every day. Lisa said, “I have a wonderful team who are not only hard working, but willing to go the extra mile to ensure our residents always have a satisfied tummy and are content. Saxonwood really is a great working environment.”

Our resident Rosemary says, “We are so lucky our kitchen staff are hardworking and always have a smile”.

We have three chefs, each with a speciality. Lisa is very artistic, Ivan is wonderfully versatile and Eddie makes wonderful cakes. Then there’s Caroline, Louis and Wandee who often do much more than maintaining the dishwasher. Thanks to all of them, we do appreciate their ready willingness and competence.


Joan said, “I tried pizza before but never enjoyed it. Ivan makes wonderful, delicious pizzas and I always go to the dining room earlier on those special days to see him making pizzas and chat with other residents and staff. Wandee is special and treats us with Thai noodles and spring rolls which everybody enjoys so much. We really are so lucky here.”



Kath adds that meal times are her favourite time of day, “it is like you are going out to meet friends, it’s very sociable and I love our chats at the dining table”.


Margorie continues by saying, “I love food at Saxonwood. Everything is homemade, tasty and well presented, with so much variety of drinks to enjoy. My favourites are morning milkshakes with all their different colours and flavours. The puddings are special, wonderfully presented and delicious too!”.

Florence says, “I love coming for my meals and meeting other residents. There is such a nice atmosphere in the dining room, like you would enjoy when going to a restaurant with your friends”. Gail adds that she likes her gin and tonic, dancing and fantastic cakes saying, “we do love our parties and we start the week with milkshakes and Zumba in the dining room”.


Avril just wants to add that she enjoys her morning fruit plate, “I love my fruits, they are good for your health and look at these amazing natural colours”.

Saxonwood ladies at the dining table         One of Louis' delicious cakes

Dinner at Saxonwood      Pudding at Saxonwood

Thai food at Saxonwood      Kathleen

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