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The importance of excellence in care home housekeeping

Thinking of care home staff you probably came up with images of care assistants, but what about the housekeeping staff whose contribution, whilst often taken for granted, is absolutely vital to care home life? We take a look behind the scenes at the amazing work that our domestic and auxiliary teams do at our care homes, visiting Saxonwood in Battle.

Housekeeping staff can make a huge difference to the lives of our residents. We’re committed to providing them with excellent laundry and cleaning services which makes each day enjoyable and ensures a clean, tidy and comfortable environment.

To create a high quality, welcoming and homely experience for our residents it’s vital to celebrate these essential staff. Good care starts with clean and welcoming facilities.

Our domestic staff understand that everyone has their own unique way of doing things and their own personal standard of housekeeping and laundry. Staff encourage our residents to be in control of the services we provide, and they are happy to carry out tasks according to residents’ preferences and requirements.

They also help those residents who like to hang their washing on the line, fold the towels, polish the furniture or set the table properly, it's really making a difference.

Resident, Marjory says:

“All cleaners are very kind, competent, flexible, interesting and interested. They do a brilliant job.”

Dawn, Saxonwood 
Pictured above: Dawn who works in laundry with resident, Florence, Saxonwood care home

Another resident Florence says:

“Dawn the laundry person is very nice, helpful and respectful and I look forward to her coming in the morning.”

Laundry Assistant, Dawn says:

“To be a Laundry Assistant at Saxonwood may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it can be very rewarding. I take pride in what I do and make sure the laundry is presented back to the resident smelling fresh and neatly ironed. I like to have a chat with the residents about many different topics and make sure I meet as many of their needs that are possible. I love the interaction with the residents it has to be the best part of my role.”

Janette Janette, Domestic, Saxonwood

Pictured above: Janette

Janette, Domestic says:

“I enjoy working at Saxonwood. I like interacting and chatting with the residents. Keeping their rooms tidy and clean helps to support their wellbeing. I like being able to help wherever I can.”

Resident Joan with Eoin

Pictured: resident Joan with Eoin

Joan, resident says:

“Eoin always has a positive attitude and smile. We get a laugh from anything.”

Resident Rosemary with Alan  Rosemary and Alan

Pictured above: Resident Rosemary with Alan

Resident, Rosemary says:

“We have three cleaners, they are good cleaners; reliable and thorough. Janette is always ready to take on other jobs such as laundry, library books…

Teresa is so cheerful and helpful; she will find anything that I’ve lost.

Eoin seems settled with us and I hope he is happy here.

Dawn is the mistress of the laundry, she makes our clothes look like new. Such a valuable person to be with us and takes on other job roles when needed.

Alan is a very helpful, happy to move pictures around several times.

We do appreciate such valuable team members.”


Big thank you to all our auxiliary and domestic staff from all the residents at Saxonwood, and extended thanks to all our domestic teams throughout Sussex Housing & Care.

We are so appreciative of the invaluable contributions our staff have made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones, and we sure you are too.

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