Paying for care at Saxonwood

hand holding a ceramic red heart on a green background We have a variety of rooms at Saxonwood offering a range of sizes, outside views, location and facilities.

The prices below are based on standard care. The level of care each resident receives is based on an assessment of their individual care needs. This assessment identifies their
level of dependency, which could be; standard, medium, high, very high or end of life care.

The weekly fee for permanent residents receiving standard care, is from £812 to £885.
The weekly fee for respite residents receiving standard care, is from £977 to £1,059.

We encourage you to bring your own furniture to personalise your room and make it
feel like home.


The following items and services are included in and covered by your weekly fees:

• The costs of your personal care
• Accommodation
• Electricity (lighting and heating)
• Food and non-alcoholic drink, including snacks
• Housekeeping and laundry (except items that need dry cleaning)
• Television license
• Wifi for you and your visitors
• Daily activities

The following extra items and services are not covered by the weekly fees, although we are happy to arrange them for you at an extra cost:

• Professional hairdressing
• Personal copies of newspapers or magazines
• Personal purchases such as stationery, sweets, alcohol, particular snacks, soaps and toiletries
• Clothing, shoes and slippers
• Dry cleaning
• Private telephone line
• Chiropody

Our prices are based on your individual care needs and your choice of room within our home.

Assess your situation

Some people have the resources to pay for their care in full and others make means tested contributions. There are national limits that determine eligibility for funding assistance which are set by the government and are subject to change, so we advise you to check current figures when choosing a care home.

Paying for care yourself

If you are paying for your own care then you can contact our care home directly to arrange a viewing and request a room. We will do a care needs assessment to make sure we are able to meet your care needs. We advise that you thoroughly read through the contract before signing and make sure you are clear about what you are paying for.

Financial assessment

You will need to have a financial assessment before moving in. The purpose of this assessment is to identify the length of time that you might be able to meet our fees. It will also assess whether you are likely to require top up funding from the Local Authority. We require all new potential residents to undergo an Independent Financial Assessment.

We can give you details of an independent financial advisor that could be used, or you can choose your own providing that your financial report covers our ‘acceptance criteria’. We use ‘Care Advice Service’ and their current cost for a financial assessment is £145 (subject to change) and is refundable after six months. Following the financial assessment, we will be given a red, amber or green score on your ability to pay and we will discuss this score with you.

We require the result of your assessment to be green for you to move in as a permanent resident. We would not ordinarily accept a self-funding resident to move in permanently with a red or amber result.

Common questions

Does Sussex Housing & Care accept Local Authority (LA) funded residents?
We do accept LA funded residents but only with a top-up fee to cover the difference in cost. A third party can ‘topup’ and contribute to any extra cost and they will need to have a financial assessment (see overleaf) to identify whether they can meet the fees.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
We don’t ask for a deposit but we do ask that residents pay in advance (see ‘how frequently are care home fees due?’ question below).

Can I reserve a room?
If a resident is unable to move in immediately and there is a delay, we are able to reserve an empty room of your choosing. This will be charged at the ‘standard’ rate for the room and the charge will apply for the duration of the time it is being reserved. This charge is non-refundable.

How frequently are care home fees due?
For permanent residents, the payment of the monthly charge by direct debit is due in advance on the first day of each month, or the nearest following day if the first day of the month falls on a bank holiday or weekend. For respite residents it is a week in advance.

What happens if a resident becomes eligible for state funding during their stay?
We expect the resident or a third party to pay the difference between what the local authority pay and our fees, if not they will have to leave the home. If we have a more affordable room which is empty we can give the resident the option to move into the cheaper room. Before moving in we ask for the resident to have a third party top up guarantor in case a resident is no longer able to pay the fee.

How can self-funded residents have their fees changed during their stay?
There is an annual fee increase based on a formula which uses CPI and wages increases. This is calculated at a maximum of 2% plus 65% of wages increase plus 35% of CPI.

If you have any questions about paying for care, our friendly care home manager would be happy to answer your questions. 

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