Policies and publications

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Here you will find policy documents, reports and corporate publications. You can also search for these documents in the search box above.




Abandoned home policy -  Abandoned Home Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 242KB
Abandoned vehicles policy -  Abandoned Vehicles Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 249KB   
Allocations policy -  Allocations Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 171KB
Amenity fund policy -   Amenity Fund Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 186KB
Anti-social behaviour policy -  Anti-Social Behaviour Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 244KB
Anti-social behaviour resident guide -  Anti-Social Behaviour Resident Guide v1 2022 [pdf] [pdf] 203KB
Asbestos policy -   Asbestos Policy v4 2022[pdf] 165KB
Care home admissions policy -  Care Home Admissions Policy v4 2021 [pdf] 254KB
Care homes discharge policy -  Care Homes Discharge Policy v4 2021 [pdf] 270KB
Care home fees arrears and recovery policy -   Care home fees arrears and recovery policy v2 2021 [pdf] 219KB
Complaints policy (housing) -      Handling complaints, compliments and comments in sheltered, ILA and leasehold Procedure v4 2022[pdf] 302KB
Car Parking Guide 2022 - Parking Guide 2022 [pdf] 199KB
Complaints policy (care homes) -   Handling complaints, compliments and comments in care homes Policy v1 2021 [pdf] 496KB
Complaints policy (housing) -   Handling complaints, compliments and comments in sheltered, ILA and leasehold Policy v4 2022 [pdf] 302KB
Dementia policy -  Dementia Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 267KB
Dignity and respect policy -  Dignity and Respect Policy v3 2022 [pdf] 204KB
Electrical safety policy -  Electrical safety policy v3 2021 [pdf] 262KB
Environmental policy -   Environmental Policy 2016 [pdf] 206KB
Equality and diversity policy - Equality and Diversity Policy v1 2020 [pdf] 207KB
Fire safety policy -  Fire Safety Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 226KB
First aid policy -   First Aid Policy v1 2020 [pdf] 229KB
Gas safety policy -  Gas safety Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 368KB
Guest room policy -  Guest Room Policy v3 2022[pdf] 107KB
Health and safety policy -  Health and Safety Policy v2 2020 [pdf] 219KB
Hoarding policy -  Hoarding Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 260KB
Lease extension policy -   Leasehold extension Policy v3 2021[pdf] 129KB
Leasehold Management Policy -  Leasehold Management Policy Version 2 2022 [pdf] 391KB
Leasehold sales policy -  Leasehold sales Policy v2 2022.pdf [pdf] 259KB
Legionella policy -  Legionella Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 146KB
Lift policy -  Lift Policy v1 2017 [pdf] 224KB
Mobility vehicles policy -   Mobility Vehicles Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 300KB
Mutual exchange policy -  Mutual Exchange Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 315KB
Pet policy -   Pet Policy v3 2021 [pdf] 270KB
Planned maintenance Policy -  Planned Maintenance Policy April 2024 [pdf] 122KB
Probity Policy -  Probity Policy V2.pdf [pdf] 119KB
Rent arrears policy -  Rent Arrears Policy v5 2021[pdf] 172KB
Resident Associations Policy -  Resident Associations Policy v2 2022.pdf [pdf] 240KB
Resident Engagement Expenses Policy -  Resident Engagement Expenses Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 234KB
Responsive repairs Policy -   Responsive repairs policy April 2024 [pdf] 146KB
Safeguarding policy -  Safeguarding Policy v10 2022[pdf] 276KB
Shareholder policy -  Shareholder Policy v1 2019 [pdf] 219KB
Succession, assignment, joint tenancy policy -  Succession, assignment, joint tenancy policy v2 2021 [pdf] 245KB
Surveillance including CCTV policy - Surveillance inc CCTV policy v2 2021 [pdf] 197KB
Sustainability strategy 2022 - 2027 -  Sustainability Strategy 2022 - 2027.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Vexatious complaints Policy   Vexatious complaints Policy v1 2020 [pdf] 306KB
Voids policy -  Voids Policy v2 2021 [pdf] 265KB
Volunteers policy -  Volunteers policy and procedure v1 2018.pdf [pdf] 229KB


Asset Management Strategy -  Asset Management Strategy 2020-2025[pdf] 902KB
Business Assurance Strategy -  Business Assurance Strategy v1 2018.pdf [pdf] 234KB
Resident Engagement Strategy -  Resident engagement strategy 2023-2025[pdf] 223KB

Annual report

Here's our current annual report. This report gives information about our activities, achievements and recent developments.

Annual Report 2022-2023.pdf[pdf] 2MB

Your Residents' Charter

Our Residents' Charter

On the 18 and 19 October 2021 we met virtually with a group of residents who had volunteered to help us co-create the charter. We discussed the objectives set out in the government’s White Paper, how this affects the delivery of our services and as a result what commitments we should be making.

A further Zoom meeting with the group was held on 24 November 2021. Residents involved agreed the Charter and felt it was ready to be presented to Board. The Charter was then approved by the Board on 7 December 2021. A project group of residents are now working with staff to develop a new Resident Engagement Strategy for 2022-2025.

A copy of the charter can be found here

Sussex Housing & Care Residents' Charter Sussex Housing & Care Residents' Charter

The charter will form a key part of the new 2022 Resident Engagement Strategy, including how we will assess how well we are meeting the aims of our Charter. We will soon start working with residents to create our Resident Engagement Strategy.

Please let your scheme manager know of any feedback or views you may have, email us at haveyoursay@sussexhousing.org.uk or by contacting us on 01323 875240.

Strategic plan 2023 - 2024

Read about our future goals and aspirations leading up to 2024 in our strategic plan. Strategic Plan 23 24.pdf [pdf] 98KB

Financial accounts

Here are our financial accounts for 2022-2023: 
Financial Statements March 2023.pdf[pdf] 428KB

Value for money

It should be noted that Sussex Housing and Care provides care homes as well as sheltered schemes for older people and this needs bearing in mind when making comparisons with other registered providers as staffing costs and other overheads are significantly higher than those incurred by housing only registered providers. Page 8 on the financial statements within the 'economy' section can be broken down further as per the table below:


Econony - Social housing cost per unit (£000)



Retirement housing

Care housing Care to let homes

Total to let homes

Retirement housing

Care housing Care to let homes

Total to let homes













Value for money

Value for money

We understand the importance of using money wisely and minimising waste.

We understand that it is your money we spend and we have a responsibility to you to use it carefully and efficiently. We also understand that we cannot stand still, achieving value for money is about always looking at ways to improve, by learning from others and to listening to you, our customers, to deliver the service that you want from the income that we receive.

What does value for money mean?

Getting value for money is part of our everyday lives. We make decisions about how to spend money all the time. When money is tight it is even more important to make your money go further. We use the three E’s as a simple guide to explain value for money:

Economy - value for money is about money and how much something costs.

Efficiency - value for money is about processes and how well we use the money.

Effectiveness - value for money is about satisfaction and asking ourselves did we get what was expected?

Here is an example of how we achieve value for money when doing a repair to one of our properties:

Economy - What is put in, for example labour and materials

Efficiency - The process, for example how the repair was carried out? How quickly? Did we get it right first time

Effectiveness - The results, for example was the customer satisfied with the repair?

We make sure we get value for money by:

  • Comparing – We compare or benchmark our costs to similar organisations to make sure they are competitive.
  • Staff training - We make sure all staff understand and appreciate the importance of spending your money wisely.
  • Monitoring - We keep a check on how we are doing and publicise our findings.
  • Maximising our income - We look at areas where we can do this through improving performance. For example, when a home becomes empty we have developed ways to let the property to a new tenant more quickly, so our rental income is increased.
  • Using our buying power - We use the size of our organisation to increase our buying power to get lower prices

How can you help us to achieve better value for money?

Opt for a rent payment method which is less expensive for us to process. A direct debit payment is considerably cheaper than a cheque payment. If you wish to pay by direct debit please contact us for more details on 01323 875240. It also helps if you pay your rent on time as then we do not have to contact you and this saves money.

We're keen for residents to be involved and there are opportunities for you to share suggestions and feedback. Please let us know if you have any ideas which could save money. Phone us on 01323 875240 or email office@sussexhousing.org.uk